Cassie’s Halloween Party

Rough Puppy performed at a Halloween party on October 23, 2010 atthe Moose Lodge in Scotts Valley! The party started with the San Francisco Giants defeating the Philadelphia Phillies and winning the pennant in Game Six of the NLCS during the 2010 MLB Playoffs. After a quick celebration, we started rocking the party!

It was a great group of people, lot’s of great costumes, lot’s of dancers and a great time was had by all!  We also had a chance to see some of our old fans who came out! Check out some of the photos on the site.

We are looking forward to playing for you at your next event!

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(Photo by Ezra Gordon)

“Rough Puppy is one amazing band! They were hired to play a show for a holiday weekend event which helped promote and they made it a total success. The band members are 100% professional, cheerful, positive and very talented. They even played an earlier show on the outdoor stage to help draw a crowd for the event which made it a long day/night and I never once heard a song repeated or noticed a lack of energy. They had everyone dancing and kept the room entertained the whole night with their awesome song list. I especially liked the fact that they had both male & female lead singers, (who are each fantastic by the way) which allows them to do a wider range of songs. It was very apparent that this band actually loved their craft and enjoyed playing music. Throughout the night I received many compliments about Rough Puppy which were all well deserved.

“I would definitely recommend this band as well as hire them over & over again cause Rough Puppy truly rocks!”

-Tami @ the Seabreeze Tavern in Aptos