Rough Puppy Band Bios

Vanessa Lombera – Lead Vocals/BG Vocals

Vanessa Lombera is our resident diva. When not busy keeping the boys in check and offsetting the testosterone level with her delicate feminine charms, she belts out a pretty mean version of Barracuda. Vanessa comes to Rough Puppy following a critically-acclaimed stint as Pebbles in Great America’s long-running Flintstones musical review. You thought I was going to make some sort of “rock” joke, didn’t you? Gotcha! She really was in the Flintstones review! Her theatrical background makes her the perfect foil for the rest of the band, most of whom just stand on stage staring at their hands. OK, that’s not true, but she does make us look pretty static in comparison.

Gary Miyahara – Lead Vocals/BG Vocals

Gary Miyahara is, in the finest Arthurian tradition, our once and future male vocalist. Splitting his time between Rough Puppy and Still Kickin’, another fine local band, it sometimes feels as if we have him on loan from The Louvre. But we’re lucky to have him! Gary brings a wealth of stage experience and a dynamic vocal range to the band. From the dirtiest blues to the sweetest ballads, Gary always takes it to the next level.

Scott Cofer -Bass Guitar/BG Vocals

Scott Cofer is a middle-aged punk rock guy who grew up listening to classic rock and realized a few years ago that he knew most of those songs well enough to play them in a band setting. Having spent the better part of his youth driving around the country sleeping in a van and playing VFW halls for $20 and free beer, Rough Puppy seemed a much better way to satisfy his muse. At his age, he needs to get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. He favors Fender over Gibson, Yorkville over Ampeg, Mopar over Ford, scotch over tequila, omelettes over pancakes, savory over sweet, werewolves over vampires, but he won’t touch the Beatles vs Stones argument. He’s no fool. When he’s not playing lead bass and posting pictures of vegetarian food online, he watches a lot of reality TV and lives in Campbell with his beautiful wife and an army of cats hellbent on world domination.

John Hively – Drums

John Hively has been playing the drums since he was in the womb. This was an inconvenience to both his mother and the rest of the people in the maternity ward, who couldn’t hear themselves over the din, but it has paid off in the long run. He brings a rich history and vast skillset to Rough Puppy and we are lucky to have him. I mean, have you ever tried finding a drummer who isn’t a total lunatic? Seriously, they are few and far between! John prefers to limit his lunacy to local sporting events and a ferocious dedication to his family, only occasionally exploding onstage in a rocking rage unequalled by most in his peer group.

Phil  Keegan -Lead Guitar

Phil Keegan, noted guitar wizard, first rose to prominence in Southern California before moving up north to take Silicon Valley by storm. Their loss! He prides himself on dialing in the proper tone and using the correct tools for the job. While perfectly capable of wringing out every silky-smooth honeydripping note in a Clapton ballad, he is equally comfortable with the whiskey-and-potato-chips tones of the classic rock era. Note: He is not a doctor, but we like to call him one because “Dr. Phil” just sounds so good.

Joe Tesoro – Rhythm Guitar

Joe Tesoro, when not in the Dog House, likes long walks on the beach and the sound of a Classic Hot Rod thundering by….okay, we made the beach part up.  However, having grown up listening to Classic Rock, he does prefer to blast the genre out of any stereo within reach, and when reaching for a guitar likes cranking out those legendary riffs (while playing name-that- tune to whomever will listen).  Give him a corn dog, Classic Rock CD, and a muscle car and he’ll be one happy guy.  He is equally at home on stage delighting audiences with patented stage antics, as he is helping elderly ladies across the street…..

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